This version of Paronicon is no longer updated or supported. Click here to learn about Paronicon 2.


Paronicon is loaded with tons of great features, that all admins want, but other rcon tools weren't giving them. If you have something you would like to see in a future version of Paronicon, please submit a feature request!

Multiple Server Support

Paronicon supports the configuration of multiple servers in the same application. It will also allow you to send commands from one server to another server without ever leaving the game.

Built-in Rank System

Paronicon will log all kills, deaths, and weapon uses (coming soon) to keep track of top players on your servers. You can export these stats to an external database for display in any format you wish as well.

Player Manager & Database

Paronicon will record every player and every player action on the server for you to go back and review chat logs and kick/ban players that are frequent abusers of admins!

In-Game Admin via Chat

Paronicon can be controlled in game. You can manage players, banned items, restricted language, as well as add message and rules to the timed messages, all from within game.

Command Output Manager

Customize how your Paronicon responds to your admin commands while your in-game. (!say, !pm or none) Even set if you want to confirm your command !ban !kick !warn command before it's executed.

Weapon & Perk Kick System (Competition Presets)

Paronicon has a built in kick system to kick people who abuse weapons that are not allowed on a server. You can configure how many offenses people get before they are kicked.

Auto Ban System

Paronicon will log all users that get kicked from your server for you. You can choose to ban the people that abuse the auto kick system. They will get banned after X kicks for the same item.

Custom Gametype/Map Playlists

Paronicon will allow you to configure a custom rotation with great detail. You can mix any game type with any game mode.

Reserved Slots without Passwords

Paronicon's VIP command will allow you to kick a random non-ranked person from your server to allow for an admin to get in.

Admin Action Logs

Paronicon records all admin activities. You can use this to make sure your admins are not abusing the power they have been given as well as to make sure they are doing what is requested.

Language Filters

Paronicon allows you to configure certain words that you want to be restricted on your server. You can configure how many offenses people get before they are kicked.

Console Display

Send messages to the console directly from Paronicon's GUI or from within game. This command can be sent from other servers as well.

Welcome & Timed Messages

Paronicon can send any style welcome message to players as they join, as well as send timed messages to the console at a frequency you choose.

Website & Voice Server Information

Most clans or communities have their own website and voice server to let them communicate easily. Now players in your server can get that information by typing !website, !ts or !vent into the games chat.

Rules Management

Paronicon lets you set a custom list of rules that can be read by a player by typing !rules into the games chat. Add as many as you want!

Add Custom In-Game Commands

Paronicon supports custom commands. You can configure these commands as aliases (just call a different command that is already implemented), or have them return certain text upon calling. In addition, you can set a URL and Paronicon will attempt to parse the URL for the text it should send. (Could be used for stats scripts to get the most kills with certain guns).

Advanced Ban Management

The bans that are placed on your server are placed within Paronicon. This allows you to unban people within Paronicon as well as choosing to do a cross-server ban (will ban that player from all servers that are configured in Paronicon).

Ping Kicker

Restrict the pings that are allowed on your server. If a player gets in with a high ping, they will be given time for their connection to clear up, then it will kick them if it persists.

Map & Kick Vote System

Paronicon will allow the players on your server to vote to kick people as well as which map should be played next. If you are using a custom rotation, the map will be played, and then the rotation will resume where it left off.

Custom User Groups

Paronicon lets you create and customize unlimited user groups and their individual permissions.

In-App Automatic Updating

Paronicon will check for updates on its own and will alert you when it can be updated. It can be updated from in game with the !update command as well.

Black Tomato Mod Database Importer

For anyone coming from Black Tomato Mod, Paronicon has a method to import all players from the BTM database so that you can keep your stats, and permissions as they were in BTM.

Upcoming Features

These are features we are looking to add to future released of Paronicon. Suggest a feature idea here!

API Ability

Paronicon is getting its own API! Look forward to web-based, iPhone, and Android powered apps to manage your Paronicon installation from anywhere!

MetaBans Integration

Metabans is a community driven database of players. You can use it to report your findings on a player, view other people’s assessments of players or follow those you trust to enforce their banlists on your servers.

Server Status Notifications

You can get notified (via e-mail or SMS) when your server status changes.