This version of Paronicon is no longer updated or supported. Click here to learn about Paronicon 2.


Welcome to the official documentation for Paronicon rCon tool for COD: Black Ops. Everything you need to know about the beta build will be in this thread.


  • 1. Windows XP, Vista, 7, Server 2003, Server 2008 (32/64-bit)
  • 2. COD: Black Ops Ranked or Unranked
  • 3. Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 (Download)
  • 4. SQLite Libraries (Included in Download)
  • 5. Administrative Rights


  • 1. Download the package.
  • 2. Run the installer.
  • 3. Run Paronicon. (May take a minute to create initial log and database files)
  • 4. Go to Global Management > Server Management to add your servers.
  • 5. Configure the server the way you want.
  • 6. Start Player Watching, Log Parsing & Messengers under "Service Management".

Reporting Bugs & Feature Suggestions

To report bugs or to make a feature suggestion please visit our issue tracker for Paronicon.


Here are a few screenshots of the Paronicon GUI interface. Click a thumbmail to enlarge the photo.

In-Game Commands

Here are a list of commands that are possible to execute in the chat without leaving your game.


Adds item to item ban list. Usage: !additem [itemID]


Removes item from item ban list. Usage: !removeitem [itemID]


Adds Message to server message list. Usage: !addmessage [messageID]


Removes message from server message list. Usage: !removemessage [messageID]


Lookup item ids. Usage: !lookupitem [text to lookup]


Adds a rule to this server. Usage: !addrule [rule text]


Removes rule from server. Usage: !removerule [ruleID]


Shows Website URL Information. Usage: !website


Shows Chat Server Information. Usage: !chat


Shows Chat Server Information. Usage: !ts


Shows Chat Server Information. Usage: !vent


Adds player to server ban list. Usage: !guid [playerid] [server]


Adds player to server ban list. Usage: !ban [guid] [server] [reason]


Remove ban from server. Usage: !unban [guid] [server]


Kicks player from server. Usage: !kick [playerID] [server] [reason]


Warns player. Usage: !warn [playerID] [server] [reason]


Lists what group a user is. Usage: !groupcheck [playerID]


Shows the server the current rule set. Usage: !rules [rule number]


List information about self. Usage: !self


Updates a player to a certain group. Usage: !setgroup [playerID] [groupid]


Sets next map. Usage: !map [map_name]


Shows next map. Usage: !nextmap


Shows how long RCON tool has been running. Usage: !uptime


Send message as the console. Usage: !say [message]


Shows current rank on server. Usage: !rank


Gets players current stats. Usage: !stats


Shows top players on server. Usage: !topkills


Shows top kill/death ratios on server. Usage: !topkdr


Shows players Kill/Death Ratio. Usage: !kdrrank


Returns current player list. Usage: !players [serverID]


Returns current server list. Usage: !servers


Shows available groups to assign to. Usage: !groups


Returns name of admin currently on server (if available). Usage: !currentadmin


Returns current command list. Usage: !cmdlist


Pages an admin if on any server - emails if not. Usage: !adminhelp [reason]


Sends a personal message to a player. Usage: !pm [playerID] [server] [message]


Give syntax of command. Usage: !help [command]


Give syntax of command. Usage: !bansearch [search term] [server]


Bans a user from all servers. Usage: !globalban [playerid] [server] [reason]


Bans user in console (can not undo through paronicon). Usage: !gsban [playerID] [server] [reason]


Returns number of times you visited the server. Usage: !playcount


Returns amount of time you've spent in the server. Usage: !playtime


Promotes user group of user. Usage: !promote [player name]


Demotes user group of user. Usage: !demote [player name]


Used to answer questions from Paronicon. Usage: !reply yes or !reply no


Does a fast restart on an unranked server. Usage: !restart


Does a map rotate on an unranked server. Usage: !rotate


Checks for update and updates if one is available. Usage: !update


Sends a tempban to remove the user from the server. Usage: !tempban [player name]


Makes the console reply with boobs. Usage: !boobs