This version of Paronicon is no longer updated or supported. Click here to learn about Paronicon 2.

Paronicon is currently running on servers for 0 different clans and communities.

Multiple Server Support

Manage all your Black Ops servers from a single instance of Paronicon.

Auto-Ban System

Ban users after being auto-kicked 5 times for the same restricted item.

Welcome & Timed Messages

Send welcome & timed messages to players as they join and play on your server.

Built-in Rank System

Self contained stats system to keep track of your players K/D ratio, time played and more.

Player Manager

Tracks all player actions, kills, warnings, chat history, alias history and play time.

In-Game Admin via Chat

All commands and server management can be done through in-game chat or GUI.

Cross-Server Admins

Commands can be sent to any server in Paronicon from any server it manages!

Complete API (Coming Soon)

Soon be able to control Paronicon from the web, iPhone, or Android devices!

Weapon & Perk System

Choose what weapons, perks and items you want to be used in your server.

Custom User Groups

Create and customize unlimited user groups and their individual permissions.

Reserved Slots

The !vip command will allow any person with permissions to clear a slot for another player!

Scheduled Tasks & Back Ups

Helps keep your database clean and backed up to be as efficient as possible.